TRU: a Hotspot for Learning and Diversity

At TRU, we believe post-secondary is a place of learning and discovery. We offer over 140 on campus programs and 60 Open Learning programs, encouraging you to find your TRU. A comprehensive, learning-centered, and sustainable institution, TRU serves its regional, national, and international learners and their communities through high quality and flexible education, training, research, and scholarship.

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How to Move Away for School

I graduated in 2020 from a high school in a town of 800 people. Moving away for my education  was my only option and it terrified me. At my graduation ceremony (which was virtual, thanks to the pandemic), our guest speaker stated how necessary it is for young people to go out into the world with their sense of wonder to experience new things. She encouraged me and my gradmates to leave our small town and go somewhere bigger. At seventeen years old, I had no idea what “going out into the world” entailed. I had only ever known my small town as my comfort zone. As many of you reach the end of your school year from various places across the province, country, and even world, I would imagine that you’re feeling about the same as I did – nervous, excited, confused. This next step is a big one, but I promise it’s not as daunting as it seems right now. To help you through this process, here is my step by step advice guide to moving away for school.

Here is me on my COVID grad day!
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My Favorite Study Spots

A big part of your new life as a university student will consist of continuous study sessions and assignments. But don’t worry, TRU has many different study spaces all over campus to fit your needs and preferences to make studying a little more fun. Whether you need to prepare for a midterm, work on a group assignment, or simply go over your readings, at TRU you can always find a new place to study. Final exams have now started for current TRU students, so in this blog, I will list my top five study spots!

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Important Differences Between High School and Post-Secondary

Throughout your high school career, your teachers, guardians, and mentors have worked hard to prepare you for your upcoming transition into post-secondary education. However, even with these supports, it is normal to feel nervous for this next step in your academic journey. To give you a better idea of what to expect of this upcoming change, the Future Students Office here at TRU has put together a list of significant differences between the two levels of education.  

Check back for more information about TRU Orientation Day!
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A Spring Itinerary for Kamloops

As the weather conditions change here in Kamloops, so do the activities and events. With temperatures rising, hobbies such as skiing, sledding, and skating are replaced by activities like hiking and biking. To help keep you full of ideas to implement into your social calendars, a list of things to do in Kamloops over the spring season has been compiled by the Future Student’s Office here at TRU!

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Spring Open House is BACK!

Have you heard the good news?! Not only is Spring Open House back… but it’s back IN PERSON!

Whether you have already applied and are looking to explore campus, or are just starting to think about university, join us on April 2nd for the #myTRU experience we’ve all been waiting for!

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What does a typical TRU class look like?

So, what does a typical class look like at TRU? What time should I get to class? What should I bring? And how is the course going to be taught? These are all questions that went through my head before coming to TRU and I bet you’re wondering, too. Personally, I had no idea what to expect coming from high school, especially in terms of how classes would run. But now as a third-year student, I feel I have a pretty good handle on how classes run and how to get the most out of them.

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Things I wish I’d known before university

Nervous about coming to TRU? Don’t worry, this fear is something we have all experienced. From our acceptance letter jitters, to arriving on campus for the first time, starting university can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Coming to TRU, I experienced many of the same feelings you’re probably feeling right now. From the fear of making new friends to the physical size of campus, it’s a lot and that’s okay. To give you some reassurance, I thought I’d share my biggest fears and how I overcame them.

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5 tips to keep organized during midterm season

Transitioning from high school to university might seem really scary at first, especially when it comes to assignments, group projects, and, of course, tests! Chances are you have probably procrastinated in the past, trying to cram all the information into your brain the night before. Maybe you’re wondering how you can improve your organization skills to stop this from ever happening again, especially now that you are moving onto higher education. But don’t panic! We want you to feel prepared for your first semester at TRU – the expectations and the format of classes may be different than high school, but, if you go in with a plan, we know you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some of the things I have learned throughout my university journey at TRU to keep organized during midterm season and throughout the semester. Hopefully you can use these tips and tricks during your transition to post-secondary, and they make you feel a bit more prepared.

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A day in the Life of a TRU student

Have you ever wanted to know what daily life looks like for a TRU student?

Choosing a university can be stressful – deciding what courses to take or what your plans are for the future, while not really even knowing what your daily life will look like while at school. What will you do outside of classes? Will you have easy access to your instructors? Are there places on campus to study or relax during the day? What is there to do outside of the school day? The answers to these questions and more are right here! I will be your guide on this exclusive look into the life of a Thompson Rivers University Student – and you’ll get some tips which will help you find your path to TRU!

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